Virtual Learning Strategies

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Remote teaching is a learning process that eliminates the traditional classroom in favor of a virtual classroom; teachers and students need to be open to new teaching and learning methods.

Teachers in Jamaica need to demonstrate a high ability to integrate technology in teaching methods. Virtual classes are powered by the presence of online and offline activities, where teachers and learners learn and interact in a virtual space, made possible by the internet, video and sound abilities on gadgets used for the activity.

AXLe Virtual Class Room system allows virtual face-to-face interactions for classroom discussions, presentations, and allow conversation between learners and teachers.

Virtual interactions that occur in a real-time basis will help teachers to gauge the level of comprehension present in learners. Additionally, teachers that will utilize the system need to provide and mark homework for their students.

E-Mails are a great way of processing assignment and providing feedback. Students must understand that they are not allowed to cheat during exam or homework times.


Teachers should also consider making video recording or prerecording lectures.

The recordings will be beneficial to students who join the online learning platform later than the rest of the classroom. Students have the ability to review recordings at a later date to enforce the topics discussed in previous sessions.

Teachers should encourage classroom participation in virtual classrooms. There are various 4 techniques for increasing learner-participation in learning, including muting the rest of the class so that students can listen to a student presenter, executing polls so students can quickly answer questions along with gaining valuable feedback.

Teachers can make use of conferencing services and moderate discussions among the students. The mentioned activities will contribute to an active virtual classroom, which has a positive effect on students comprehension, recall, and application of concepts.