Ways to Make Virtual Classrooms More Attractive

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A virtual classroom offers many advantages to tutors, pupils, and academic organizations. It permits learners to get education while sitting in any part of the world, including rural and underprivileged societies, where universities or colleges may not be present. It is also a good choice for students who are struggling to fit into mainstream schools or classes.  Teachers also find it relaxing and attractive to conduct online courses. But on the flip side, educators find it very problematic to engage learners and to get involved in the session. Here we are going to


1. Make Learners Curious Prior to the Class:

You can leave a message or an email or an announcement for students prior to the session. The message would contain some exciting questions regarding the topic that you are going to explain Ask students to find answers to it, and we will talk about it in the class.  Learners will find it exciting to know the solutions related to the topic, about which they knew nothing. It will make them curious to know if their answers were correct or wrong. Here the main point that plays a vital role is topic, and questions should be exciting and engaging. You can also assign some stimulating practical tasks that will make students more exciting.


2. Use Multiple Communication Tools:
Mostly emails and discussion boards are used in online classes. Teachers should make use  of various tools available for communicating such as audio, chat, video, instant messaging,
or announcements can be used. Educators can also use social media platforms to give time to students who need more or individual attention. Choosing every week or day after two new tools to communicate would engage the students. But it should be kept in mind; the tools you select should be accessible and convenient for students and should be informed before class about the tool you will be going to use.

3. Use of Humor:
Research shows that humor plays a significant role in memorizing the lesson as well as involving the students.
It will give the learners ease to establish a repute with the students. They might feel relax and comfortable with a little use of humor during the online session.

4. Make lessons Visually Alluring:

AXLe virtual classrooms are an excellent source for making the lessons appealing. Instructors can use technology to make the lessons more attractive, which otherwise would be difficult in physical classrooms. They can make their screen visually appealing by selecting an attractive and pleasant website to conduct the class.

They can make presentations using bullets and critical points related to the lecture instead of using long and wordy paragraphs. They can insert images or videos relevant to their topic. A small pleasant change in your surrounding can create a significant impact on engaging the students. In short, gaining the attention of students in virtual classrooms is a bit difficult task as compared to the physical setting. But with a little effort, creative thinking, and innovation, you can create a huge difference. Never hesitate to make an effort for your s