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Answer: AXLe tele-conferencing services allow employees to collaborate with each other and with customers whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Participants can quickly access their meetings using their mobile or desk phone, for virtual meetings.
No. Internet access is not required to participate or host a conference. You can access conferences by calling a local phone number to join.
You can host unlimited tele-conferences at any time, host up to fiver (5) participants with unlimited conferences, each conference is limited to 40 minutes. Note: Phone carriers may apply standard charges.
Do I need to reserve a specific time for a conference call?
No reservations are needed. You can host a conference call at anytime.
Is there a conference limit per account?
No. You can use your account as many times as you would like.
Can international callers participate?
Yes. You can add an international phone number to your conference, international callers can dial in to join your conference.
How do I join a conference?
To join a conference simply call the assigned dial-in number and enter the pin# provided by the host.
How do I exit or leave a conference?
Terminate or hang-up your current call to leave a conference.
What devices can I join a conference call from?
You can join conferees from your desk phone, Cell Phone or any device capable of making a phone call.
Can i have my own designated conference number?
Yes. Our pro plan provides a unique phone number along with your own customized welcome greeting.
Is there a limit on the length of a conference call?
There is a 3-hour limit per conference call, but no limits on the number of conferences.